Report: 'Series II' Nissan GT-R in the works for 2009

The Nissan GT-R has finally filtered its way into the retail channels of most global markets, with a fair number of customer cars on the streets. But just as those owners are getting familiar with their cars, Nissan appears to be working on a slightly revised and upgraded version for sale in 2009, tentatively dubbed the Series II. Small changes are all that's in store, but the sum of those changes may make a noticeably different car. Horsepower is set to increase by 5hp to 478hp (356kW), the Brembo brakes will be changed to show Nissan badges, the front license plate mount will be removed, the fuel tank will increase by 0.75 gallons (2.8L) to hold 19.5 gallons (73.8L), a 5% price bump and a readjustment of the fuel economy figures from 19.3mpg (12.2L/100km) to 20.0mpg (11.7L/100km), reports GT-R Blog.

Nissan GT-R in depth



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