Second episode of Aston Martin Project One-77 revealed

The era of epic supercars is certainly not over at Aston Martin, with the carmaker confirming the development of a brand new flagship model at the end of September following the release of an initial teaser shot. The first shot was quickly followed by a second official image and then, at last month's Paris Motor Show, a life-size mock up of the car was put on display, although most of it remained shrouded. Since then leaked photos of the car show it from every angle, and now Aston has revealed a new video that gives in-depth detail on the origins and background of the One-77, ad what it means to the company. The second episode in Aston Martin's ongoing Project One-77 mini-documentary (episode one here) reveals that the One-77 is being built not just as a halo car, but as an ultra-halo car, a sort of rekindling of the legacy of Aston Martin, plus a projection of the brand into the future.

Aston Martin One-77



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