Speculated: 2010 Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman

The rumors about the upcoming 2010 Cayman and Boxer appear to be true. The design is, as always, just incremental which, for Porsche, is a good thing. It isn’t sure that this is in fact the official design so there’s no reason to get to deep in to it. Suffice to say it looks good.

The more interesting changes are under the bonnet because, apparently, the S versions of the Boxter and Cayman will be getting Direct Injection, the same as their older brother the 911, which should bump the power up to 320 hp for the Cayman with the Boxter falling 10 hp short. They’ll also be getting Porsche’s new 7 speed semi-auto gearbox the PDK along with a limited-slip differential for good measure.

A 25 hp increase along with a new gearbox doesn’t seem to much performance wise, considering that the 911 will also get them. But the rumor is that the reason the current generation didn’t get LSD even as an option was because it’s performance was to close to the 911 already. Now with the same gearbox, LSD, and almost as powerful engine as the Carrera but on a lighter and nimbler car the Cayman may actually be faster than the 911 while also significantly cheaper. These are just speculations at the moment and the very fact that it may be faster than the 911 with these upgrades make me a little cautious as to the truthfulness of these claims. We’ll have to wait and see but if they are true the Cayman will be one hell of a buy.


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