Spy Shots: Near Production BMW X6 Active Hybrid Spotted

The hybrid X6 will be a full, two-mode affair as previewed by the X6 Hybrid SUV concept at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, and will make use of two electric motors powered by nickel metal hydride batteries. The configuration is said to deliver 20 percent better fuel economy, in part because it offers a fully electrically powered mode.

The production car is likely to make its world debut at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in January. Scroll down below to read the spy photographer's own notes.

BMW are in the final stages of testing with the X6 Active Hybrid. The X6 Active Hybrid will come with a Two-Mode-Hybrid-Concept, meaning two electric engines and a big nickel metal hydride battery. With this technology BMW is reporting to save about 20 percent of fuel and it's even possible to drive the car fully electric.
The visual changes are very small; you really need to be a BMW fan to notice the differences but here is a tip, check out the bulge on the engine hood. 

First introduced as an X6 Hybrid SUV Concept at the Frankfurt Car Show in 2007, the finished X6 Active Hybrid is expected to be unveiled at the Detroit Car Show in January 2009.



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