Toyota Triathlon Race Car

Toyota Motor Triathlon Race Car is a sports car designed to attract tomorrow's drivers thanks to its unique content based on Toyota's key strengths: motor sport history, its 4WD heritage and the pursuit of high-tech solutions. This vehicle has an extremely sporty design and concept. It is also soon to be one of the stars of Gran Turismo 4, the famous video game. Advanced driving dynamics are provided by Toyota's Fuel Cell stack for zero emissions, by-wire allows the use of 4 in-wheel electric motors giving unparalleled all wheel control. Height adjustable suspension and intelligent tyres that adapt to road conditions add to the excitement.

Why use one electric motor per wheel?

The use of an electric motor per wheel allows an unparalleled 4-wheel drive control. Each motor is instantaneously controlled with by-wire technology, making it possible to execute torque distribution per wheel much more quickly than a normal system using differentials.

How can the settings be changed to improve the dynamic performance?

The car can alter the suspension height to provide high-speed stability or better off-road driveability. It also uses intelligent tyres with built-in sensors. These tyres can read road conditions, making the tyres' grip to instantaneously adapt to road conditions when necessary.

What advances does this car incorporate in terms of IT (information technology)?

Motor Triathlon Race Car uses the Mixed Reality system. It allows the driver to visualise information in the helmet, just like in a Head Up Display (HUD). This information is related with road conditions like road temperature, presence of snow or ice, tyre condition, serving almost as a co-pilot.



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