ABT Wraps the R8, A4 and Q7 in Mate Black Carbon Fiber Film

ABT Matte Carbon R8 Q7 CarscoopMatte colors are becoming extremely popular lately among enthusiasts and this is something that doesn't go by unnoticed from large tuning houses like ABT. The German customization firm not only presented a matte black film for the Q7 SUV but it also took a step further by introducing a new matte black carbon-fiber wrap that's available for the AS4, AS7 and R8 ABT vehicles as well as for the standard factory Audi A4, Q7 and R8 models. In both cases the film covers the bodywork from top to bottom. -Continued

ABT Matte Carbon R8 Q7 CarscoopABT supports that the faux carbon-fiber film is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing as even the texture of the synthetic material has been precisely reproduced.

"When the vehicle is fully wrapped in Carbon Film, it appears more aggressive and dynamic", said Hans-Jürgen Abt, Managing Director of ABT Sportsline. Well maybe for Hans, but seeing R8 dressed in the faux carbon suite in the above picture, we think we'd prefer it in a simple matte black wrap. ABT has yet to announce pricing for its new wraparound matte colored films. (R8 Picture edited by Carscoop)

ABT Matte Carbon R8 Q7 Carscoop
ABT Matte Carbon R8 Q7 Carscoop


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