Ford Reintroduces us to Bond's New Girl, Olga Kurylenko

As an official sponsor of the new James Bond film called 'Quantum of Solace', Ford gets the chance to promote its vehicles in all sorts of ways, on and off the movie set. In 007's new adventure that opens in UK and French cinemas on October 31st, with the rest of the world following in November 2008, Ford's new KA mini makes a cameo appearance by the side of Camille played by Olga Kurylenko. In case it slipped your attention, she's the foxy lady sitting next to the Ka in the picture above. -Continued

To celebrate the Ka's cameo role, Ford is promoting a series of media features for the latest Bond girl including a special on MTV where a viewer is selected to be transformed into an authentic 007 girl and a behind the scenes feature through the eyes of Olga Kurylenko from E! Entertainment.


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