New Chevy Cruze May Be Delayed Until 2011, Malibu Until 2013

One of GM's most promising future models -some say maybe even more promising than the all-electric Volt, the new Chevrolet Cruze could be delayed until 2011, nearly a year after its original U.S. market launch date, according to a report from Businessweek citing sources within the company. Likewise, the next next-generation Chevy Malibu may also be delayed by six months, into 2013, the report said. While GM spokesperson Dee Allen would not confirm any specific product delays, he told the magazine that "the company will continue to review the portfolio and concentrate on what's most important," adding that that some new-car programs "are going to shift around a bit." -Continued

And the reason behind these delays at such a crucial time when GM needs to inject its portfolio with cars that people actually want to buy like the Cruze? What other than to save cash as the General is getting ready for an even more thornier year in 2009.

Yes, you heard right: 2009 is expected to be worse than 2008 which will see around 14 million vehicles being sold in the States compared to 16.2 million in 2007. According to Massachusetts research firm IHS Global Insight, vehicles sales in the U.S. are expected to drop further in 2009 to around 13.4 million units - not exactly the business environment everyone was hopping for.

"GM doesn't have a choice," told Businessweek IHS Global Insight analyst John Wolkonowicz. "They have to do whatever it takes to get through until the car market recovers. That won't happen until 2010."

Hopefully for all us, GM will manage to make it through to 2010 - with or without Chrysler LLC under its protective arms...


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