Mercedes-Benz Reportedly in Talks with Aston Martin

The latest gossip from Rumorville county or shall we say Car magazine concerns a potential alliance between Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin. The British magazine reports that the two famous brands have been in talks for a while now and even though the exact details are still sketchy, the deal could lead to a collaboration on engines, hybrid systems, transmissions and even entire platforms. -Continued

But while the benefits of such an alliance for Aston Martin which was sold by Ford in 2007 to a consortium of Arabian investors led by Prodrive's David Richards are clearer that a glass filled with water, we fail to see what's in it for the German automaker.

The magazine supports that Aston Martin could help Merc' with the design and development of the Maybach limousines which to be frank, aren't as near as successful as the German firm hoped they would be. But even so, is that enough to justify a deal with the British sportscar brand?


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