Chrysler Extends Employee Pricing to 2009 Dodge Viper!

Dodge Viper 2009Once upon a time, range-topping models used to be excluded from any offers that automakers made to their employees. Of course that was when dealers weren't seeing their lots filled up to the neck with unsold cars. Nowadays, even the almighty Dodge Viper can now be bought with a discount if you happen to work for one of the firms of the Chrysler Group here in the States. -Continued

Dodge Viper 2009According to the American carmaker, with the exception of the "dragtastic" Viper ACR, Chrysler LLC's U.S. employees and eligible family members and friends can now obtain all Viper SRT10 Coupe and Convertible models with the special employee pricing.

Since we're not affiliated in any way with Chrysler, we're not aware of the exact discount that's offered on the Viper range but if you happen to know any details, feel free to drop us a line. Just for the record, prices for Dodge's V10-powered snake begin from $88,385.

Dodge Viper 2009


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