Awesome Hand-Built Nissan 200SX Track Car

Nissan 200SX Track CarThanks to the internet, we're constantly learning about the accomplishments of truly gifted individuals that build awe-inspiring projects in the garage of their own home. This stunning Nissan 200SX track car is the result of three years of blistering hand work by a member of the UK-based enthusiast forum, 'SXOC' who goes by the nickname "CravingImpact". Everything you see in these pictures was hand built or modified by the vehicle's owner including the front splitter, the rear diffuser and various body panels! -Continued

Nissan 200SX Track CarAlthough the aerodynamic add-ons haven't been tested in a windtunnel (apparently) for their effectiveness, the owner claims that he tried to "use basic principles in the design which are tried and tested and hopefully cant fail". "Like my diffuser for example, its only angled up at 7 degrees which is said to be a good starting point," he said in his post.

Even so, seeing how he managed to transform a road going Nissan 200SX into a beastly looking track car that makes us drool like a teen, we have nothing else but utter respect for him and can't wait to see what he has in store for the vehicle's mechanics in the near future.


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