Bugatti To Work With Bentley To Compete With Rolls-Royce

Again, rumors in auto world,now Bugatti is working together with Bentley in order to produce a new sedan. What they will be borrowing is something that we can't seem to figure out. However it is heard that it will compete against the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Previous month Bugatti hinted that its next product would be more expensive then the current Bugatti Veyron - which means that it will be equipped with enough power to make us all envious of it.Josef Paefgen lead man for the project backed up this claim when he said that there would be in cheap Bugatti.

Let me ask you this, it is true that having a USD $400,000 sedan is not inexpensive at all? Of course that is no where near the price of the $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron. Naturally there are dozens of questions and theories rolling through our minds - but we find it best to wait for more details before we put anything down and add gasoline to the fire.That is why they called it rumors instead of facts.Let us wait for someone leaked out something about Bugatti real intentions and plans.It would be a very interesting looking at both Bugatti and Bently working together putting up a new machine which is more or less would be a great outcome.



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