GM Denies Corvette ZR1 Cancellation Rumors

There are rumors that Corvette ZR1 production stopped and General Motors was canceling it.We have to sift through them and determine which ones are real, which ones could be real, and which ones are just downright outrageous. Sometimes not even we can control the rumors that fly around.However, I watch some news on America's GM already closing up with a lot of unemployed workers.But still i don't know whether I am talking about the same GM company. But if it was the same GM company then, they have good reasons canceling it.

According to a user on DigitalCorvettes.com the production of the Corvette ZR1 has been stopped and GM was considering canceling it altogether. This is a big, dramatic step for GM that in our opinion isn't necessary.

I read through Autoblog which they used their connections and contacted Terry Rhadigan - who handles global communications for the Chevy brand - and said that the rumors were "not true".So, how about the GM company close down?I was in Malaysia, and i don't really know what's going on out there.However, Do I hear a sigh of relief? This is one rumor we are happy didn't turn out to be true.



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