edo modified Porsche Cayenne GTS gets 450hp

The idea of a high-performance SUV seems oxymoronic to some, but Porsche's Cayenne, especially the GTS, Turbo and Turbo S variants, go a long way to quell any doubt. With the extra power and aggressive setup performed by edo, the matter is pressed even further. Cranking out 450hp (331kW) and 391lb-ft (530Nm) of torque, the big SUV is capable of accelerating to 62mph (100km/h) in just 6.4 seconds, carrying on to 168mph (270km/h) - a truly terrifying speed in a typical SUV. To get this much out of the GTS, edo replaces the catalytic converters with high-flow units, adds performance air filter inserts and tunes the ECU on a dyno. Getting a big SUV slowed back down from 150+mph is no easy feat, and to help with the process, edo has fitted six-piston mono-block calipers onto 380x38mm rotors.

edo Porsche Cayenne GTS



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