New sport car Bolwell Nagari!

The Australian company Bolwell begins sales of the new version supercar Nagari which first variants were published in 60-70th of the twentieth century. The new sports car will cost an order of 198 thousand Australian dollars (or 130 thousand dollars USA). Nagari is completed by the middle position engine of firm Toyota V6 in volume of 3.5 l with 24 valves and four cam shafts. Capacity of this motor makes 295 h.p. of Supercar has composit carbon body, composit light-alloy disks dimension of 19 inches, ABS, a full external aerowhale, a sports exhaust system. Windows Nagari are protected from ultra-violet beams by a special covering, in interior convenient leather armchairs Recaro and steering wheel Momo are established. Besides other, superpenalties distinguish already standard on cars of such class of function of remote blocking, the cruise-control, electrolifting of glasses/mirrors, an adjustable steering tube. Nagari it is equipped by satellite navigation Polaris GPS, a rear-view camera and DVD/CD an audiosystem. Bolwell develops also other variations version Nagari, in particular, prepares for an exit with the electromotor.



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