Enzon Ferrari or Ferrari Enzo?

While searching for latest new Ferrari Enzo picture, i found this latest picture. The project is known as FX70 internally at Ferrari and they are still undecided as to what powertrain to employ under the carcass.

The first decision would be to resume in the tradition of the first Enzo and backpack an eloquent V12 engine in, however the Prancing mount may look to downsize to a Twin-turbo V8. The second of the two would see a faculty dignitary of between 50hp and 100hp minor than its superior alternative, but the credence cutback advantages could see the performance maintained.

We can notice that the track is wider and the wheelbase is slightly longer. In the rear, the first thing that really caught our eyes is the massive Murcielago looking exhaust pipe in the middle. And the sound of this car is just great. The normal exhaust pipes from the Scruderia are just fake.

For the new "Enzo", still called FX 70 internally, Ferrari is working on two different engines alternatives. First one is a twin-turbo V8 producing about 700 horsepower, and second one is a twin-turbo V12 delivering some 50-100 horsepower more.

It's a difficult choice, to keep the supercar status they should keep it a V12, but with the CO2 discussions and the popular downsizing the V8 twin-turbo could well be a good decision for Ferrari.

With more carbon fibre in both chassis and body, this will hopefully be a true lightweight super car."

Some say the new Enzo could appear as presently as 2010, but considering the analyze vehicles haven't made it elapsed mule form yet, this seems suspect. We will maybe see it in both 2011 or 2012 with an estimate tag of at slightest $500,000 and a production run of around 300 vehicles.

In case you forgot how old Enzon Ferrari looks like, here it is:



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