Ruf electric Porsche

Ruf is a manufacturers of souped up cars based on Porsches, and what you are about to read may be shocking to hear from a company that made the Ruf CTR3, a rear engined monster based on the Cayman with a Porsche-derived 3.8 liter flat-6 twin turbocharged engine producing 700 horsepower at 7,000rpm and 890Nm of torque! Despite all that power, the car weighed a relatively light 1,475kg.

The new baby machine from the Ruf stables is an electric car based on the Type 997 Porsche 911 body.As some of us know that Ruf is a manufacturers of souped up cars based on Porsches.

Ruf electric Porsche is a small electric motor weighing only 91kg puts out 205 horsepower and 650Nm of torque, which seems rather a minute compared to the 700hp of the CTR3, but it does have a decent amount of torque accessible throughout every part of the rev range. Still, the lack of power shows in the 0 to 100km/h figures - a rather sedate 7 seconds.

This electric motor powered by a collection of 96 battery cells, where each of the batteries weighing 5.6 kg. That's total of 537.6kg for the batteries alone, and if you add the weight of the electric motor - a total sum of 628.6kg. These batteries are loaded everywhere - both at the front car and the rear of the car which means consume a l ot of spaces and automatically destroy spaces for luggage. The Ruf electric Porsche can provide estimated driving range between 250 to 320km.

The fact is, same like any other electric car, it would be one that makes no noise except for a silent electric motor.It's for a good cause, but sadly this seems a disappointment for most fans that love the engine sweet roar rather than a whine of the electric motor attached to the Ruf electric Porsche.



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