Jaguar XF 2009 Model - Faulty Seat Belts?

Looking at the tremendous and stylish design by the Jaguar, it makes me feel crazy to own one. This is the new Jaguar XF. However recently Jaguar pulled back all their 7,900 Jaguar XF model car produce. It was all about the damn faulty seat belts. I just can't believe it!

In the case of an accident those seating in the rear seats would not be properly restrained in their seats and could be more seriously injured then if they were belted in properly. The rear seat safety belt d-ring was not assembled properly and may not rotate properly around the anchorage mounting bolt of the seat belt.

If the assembly is not held together when tightening, the d-ring or washer may separate from the shoulder of the spacer during an accident and forming a burr on either the washer or d-ring. This limit's the proper rotation of the d-ring.

So, if you happened to be one of the damn rich people who own this new Jaguar XF the you should start checking your seat belts and report it immediately.



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