Sport car Hamann Volcano on the basis of Mercedes-Benz SLR


Couple of weeks back in a network there was intriguing video with participation of sport compartment Hamann Volcano created on the basis of Mercedes SLR, and now we offer you the technical information and some images of this magnificent car. In spite of the fact that compartment SLR is car which and without that possesses excellent dynamic characteristics and shape pleasing a look, engineers Hamann have seen in it open space for imagination and have decided the car to finish. The beginning was necessary by means of 5,4 l of the V-shaped 8-cylinder engine which capacity has increased with 626 to 700 h.p. Volcano from Hamann also sports the unique complete set external car body details into which structure enter a forward spoiler, the modified back bumper, new lateral thresholds, the big back wing and air funnel, dexterously hidden under the stern. To keep this monster on road, developers have established 21-inch wheels Edition Race equipped with tyre covers 255/30ZR21 in front and 345/25ZR21 behind. Thanks to all updatings the car accelerates momentum from 0 to 100 km/hour of all for 3,6 sec (on 0,2 sec faster then original), and its maximum speed makes 348 km/hour. The Tuning Company diversified an interior with new accessories from carbon fiber, has established aluminium pedals and an emphasis for feet, has offered new firm floor rugs, protection of thresholds with logo Hamann, and soft details of salon has fitted a considerable quantity.



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