670-strong Porsche GT2 from studio 9ff

To finish the perfect car (such as Porsche GT2), it is necessary to possess remarkable abilities and a wide experience. Under such definition, undoubtedly, the tuning company from Dortmund 9ff which has dared to undertake the fastest Porsche falls. According to engineers 9ff, they tried to create the fast car which can argue for leadership on a racing line and thus remains comfortable and convenient at daily movement on a city.For increase of return from the 3,6-litre engine on the car have been established new turbocharges with changeable geometry of the turbine, inlet system with an original collector 9ff, system of an exhaust with the sports catalyst and other "lotions". As a result capacity of the power unit have lifted with 530 to 670 h.p., and the maximum twisting moment has reached 800 Nanometers that on 120 Nanometers more than at serial model. Despite all reasonable efforts, dispersal modernised Porsche GT2 to "hundred" was possible to reduce all to 0,1 seconds - till 3,6 seconds. But after 100 km/h miracles begin. To 200 km/h of superpenalties it is dispersed all for 9,8 seconds - for 2 seconds faster a serial coupe. And, at last, the highest lath in 300 km/h the car reaches in 25,8 seconds.



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