750 horsies strong Corvette ZR1

What you need for complete happiness? No, the question is probably impolite, try to reformulate. What you need to be happy this motorist?

True, as much as possible «horses» under the hood! And that car will never break. If a second - rather from the fairy tales, the first could help tuner, which does not feed bread - give something finalized.

The new proposal, articulated by tuning company Katech, based in Detroit, seeks boast Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2009. For this miracle of technology, already standing at U.S. $ 103,300 (before taxes!) Proposes to install a new «charged» engine Air Attack LS7, could make the car if not the bullet, then nothing less than the race car racing. However, to find evidence that such improved Corvette is a car, which is authorized to use the public roads, I could not.

Consider yourself - 7 liters of volume, V-shaped «eight», 750 (!) Horsepower. One can only imagine how this all can cope with no special skills. And so at a cost of some 37 thousand American tugriks. Whether I «Corvette», a long time would not razdumyval. Although, as hell are not jokes, because Air Attack LS7 may be stuck not only in the Corvette ZR1. All, send save money.



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