BREAKING: More Porsche Panamera pics surface

Thanks for the heads-up to our friends at Supercars.net, where a forum poster has uploaded more official shots of the Porsche Panamera (apparently lifted from Autoweek.nl) ahead of its official reveal extravaganza scheduled for Monday. The first photo and technical details trickled out last night, and the new batch gives you a better view of the car's controversial rump, which is already polarizing enthusiasts the world over. It's not so much that we think a round booty is a bad thing -- it's just that Porsche has done it better before. Or have you guys already forgotten about the awesomeness that's spelled 9-2-8? Anyway. Have a look at the gallery, and stand by for more on Monday (or whenever the next group of pics gets leaked).

Gallery: Porsche Panamera Gran Turismo

[Source: Supercars.net]



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