Canadian cancer patient wins Koenigsegg, opts for cash instead

If you won a lottery that offered you million-dollar supercar or a large cash prize, which would you take? Okay, well you might be a little biased if you're reading Autoblog. So let's make this a little more challenging: what if you lived in a town with no paved roads like Norman Wells (population: 761), some 690 kilometers northwest of Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories, where Louie Edgi lives with his family.

Edgi bought ten tickets for the Alberta Cash and Cars Lottery, which was giving away a Koenigsegg CCX and supports local cancer research funds, on a trip down from his northerly home-town to Edmonton, Alberta, (still considered ridiculously close to the North Pole for the rest of the world, including this Canadian-born writer) to undergo cancer treatment. Since getting the car home would have required a long trip up a winter ice road - a prospect that apparently hasn't caught on in the Northwest Territories as it has in Koenigsegg's home country of Sweden - Edgi opted for the cash instead, and is reportedly feeling a lot better about his treatment now.

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[Source: CBC News via Jalopnik]



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