Event Alert: November calendar of automotive events

One of the big changes we made at Autoblog a couple of years ago was adding more live coverage of events with photos and impressions to hopefully make you feel like you were there with us. While we love going to these races, auto shows, concours and cruises to report on them for you, we know there are many of you out there who would like to witness these happenings firsthand. Many of you have commented that although you enjoy our event coverage you'd like more advance warning of the events we are attending so you might be able to check them out yourselves.

Well, as you might imagine, putting together a calendar isn't so simple. Often times we get last minute word of an event, or sometimes the events we cover aren't open to the public. Still, we understand your craving for live automotive events and we are here to help. We've scoured our planners and checked our favorite web links and have compiled a select calendar for November. We'll try to post a new one of these every month and we encourage you to add local events we haven't included in the comments for all to see. Our hope is that you'll scan the list and be able to find something exciting in your neck of the woods.

Don't take it personally if we skip one of your favorites, just know that we are trying to keep it simple for now. Two of our favorite resources for planning what events we are going to attend, btw, are the New York Times automotive calendar for national and international stuff, and for local stuff here in Southern California, our buddy Dave Lindsay's SoCalCarCulture pages. Dave has been photographing and reporting on the local car scene a long time and if we don't make it to one of the events on his calendar, you can be pretty sure that Dave will be posting pics of it before long. Enough talk, check out the select November event calendar we put together for you after the jump.



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