Formula for Peace: Israeli and Palestinian drivers get on track

The ongoing conflict in the Middle East is not an area we typically cover here at Autoblog, but for all our love of wheelspin and tire smoke, there's no better reason for spinning your wheels than the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. Diplomats and militants, moderates and extremists have tried for decades to reach some sort of agreement, but their efforts towards achieving peace invariably end up slipping through their fingers like so many grains of sand - at best - or more often blowing up in their faces. While politicians seem resigned to leaving the negotiations for dead, two young ambitious locals have taken the wheel on their own in hopes of showing the world that Israelis and Palestinians are capable of doing more than fighting. They've got this crazy idea in their heads that gasoline can be used to fuel race cars instead of rockets.

We headed out into the desert outside the border town of Arad to see what they were up to.

Gallery: Racing 4 Peace

Photos courtesy of Harel Rintzler.



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