Lamborghini delivers final Reventon to British customer

Lamborghini has cultivated an image for fast and exclusive supercars, but the Reventon broke the mold. Although rumors at one point suggested that the exotic automaker would increase the production run, Lamborghini stuck to its guns by producing just 20 examples as originally promised, all of which were spoken for almost immediately after the announcement was made despite a whopping million-euro price tag. Now the last one has rumbled out the factory gates in Sant'Agata Bolognese into the hands of one elated new owner.

Well, we'd be elated, but the car's owner was instead described as "understandably delighted". That's British understatement for you. The car was sold from a dealership in Birmingham, England, which had the honor of hocking the only Reventon to make it to the car-crazed UK. Fortunately for British supercars fans, the owner - whose identity was not disclosed and his face blurred out in the photo - pledges to drive the machine and will start by driving it across Europe from Italy to Engand.

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[Source: Lamborghini]



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