Pagani Zonda R

The Pagani Zonda is a mid-engined sports car produced by Pagani in Italy. It debuted in 1999, with C12 at the Geneva Motor Show and continues through the present, with production proceeding at roughly 10 cars per year.

The Italian manufacturer released new Pagani Zonda R images of the model that was announced in September last year. The Pagani Zonda R is powered by a 7.3-liter V12 engine from Mercedes that's good for 750 hp and 710 Nm of torque.

As of September, 2008, 95 Zondas had been built. Both 2-seat coupe and convertible versions have been produced. Construction is mainly of carbon fiber. To be able to own a Pagani Zonda R you'll have to spend around 1.2 million Euros, and then some more for the taxes !!

Did You Know:
Some early Zonda engineering was done by Formula One champion, Juan Manuel Fangio. The car was originally to be named for him, the "Fangio F1", but the name was changed upon his death in 1995, renamed after an air current above Argentina.



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